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Commercial litigation occurs when business meets the law.  Commercial entities are in
the business of making deals designed to make money and promote the business’
growth.  It is when business agreements are broken that the law steps in and complex
commercial litigation begins.  Whether it is a dispute over a joint venture gone wrong,
a secured transaction in dispute, or a breach of a supply and delivery contract, the
civil litigation attorneys at Jones & Swartz PLLC know the law that guides how these business disputes are resolved.  
The Boise-based law firm of Jones & Swartz PLLC has successfully assisted many of its business clients collect money and other benefits that they were due under a failed commercial transaction.  Jones & Swartz PLLC has also helped several corporate clients defend against commercial litigation claims brought against them without regard to their rights pursuant to the terms of the contract, or under the law.  Jones & Swartz PLLC has represented businesses of all sizes and types – from local “mom and pop” operations, to complex corporations with an international presence.   

If a case involves a commercial dispute in Idaho, Jones & Swartz PLLC is the civil litigation law firm to hire.  If your business does not hire Jones & Swartz PLLC, your opponent will.  Don’t give your opponent the advantage.  Contact Jones & Swartz PLLC today.



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