My Clients Make Me a Better Attorney

As an attorney practicing civil litigation, I have become familiar with the legal system.   Through research, I have become familiar with various areas of law.   Listening to clients is how I learn about a case.  

My clients are the experts.   If their case involves a business dispute, they know the business.  They know the facts surrounding the business.  If it is a personal injury case, they lived with the pain; they went through the treatment; they spoke to their doctors.  And, most clients, regardless the type of dispute, have taken it upon themselves to research their situation and their options, and may have exercised some of those options.

I am reminded often that my clients are my best experts.  And, good experts are what I need as a trial attorney to present a case that is easily understood by a judge or a jury.         


Posted by eswartz at 7/31/2013 7:02:00 PM
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