Jones & Swartz's Landmark Legal Group™ is here to help individuals and companies. We are a focused, efficient and results-oriented civil litigation law firm that represents plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits. The attorneys at our Boise law office have substantial experience litigating cases not only in Idaho, but also in Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Puerto Rico. The firm consists of a team of creative, hard-working attorneys, paralegals, and support staff to assist with all of your legal needs.

Why Landmark Legal Group™?

Jones & Swartz PLLC's Landmark Legal Group™ strives to represent its clients - whether individuals or companies - in pursuit of landmark results in the law. Landmark decisions in the law do not happen every day. They do not always happen at the highest levels of the judicial system. They do not always draw public attention.

Landmark decisions in the law sometimes happen at a hearing, on a motion, or even in negotiations that result in a resolution. Sometimes landmarks in the law are only known to the litigants and counsel who represent them. But, they are landmark results nonetheless.

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Feb 20

New Tax Law and Divorce and Alimony

The new federal tax code that may have significant impacts on divorcing spouses in Idaho beginning in 2019.  Under the old tax code, a spouse paying spousal support to the other spouse either while the divorce was pending or after the divo…

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Nov 17

Unwanted Grabbing Appears to be Wanted - Goodbye Sexual Harassment?

It used to be that unwanted touching was, well, unwanted.  But, apparently, that is not what we want any more.  Maybe we never wanted unwanted touching to be unwanted?    Here we are ? 2017 ? with more laws on the books to prohibit, det…

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Jun 29

Beyond Marriage: Legal Issues Same Sex Couples Face

While the Supreme Court?s decision legalizing same-sex marriage established the law regarding marriage rights, many are wondering what that decision means for same-sex couples in areas of the law extending beyond marriage. The United State…

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Apr 13

Pedestrian-Automobile Injuries in Boise ? Follow the Rules of the Road to Keep the Right-of-W…

Boise has had a large number of pedestrian accidents reported lately.   Be careful out there.   As a driver of a car or a pedestrian, refresh yourself on the rules of the road in Idaho.  Generally speaking, Idaho first requires that driver…

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