Jones & Swartz and its predecessor firm, Blackburn & Jones, have recovered over $65,000,000 for individual and institutional plaintiff clients. We have also successfully defended many lawsuits that were filed against our clients. Defending and prosecuting claims for our clients gives us an advantage over firms that only do defense or plaintiffs' work.

When defending our clients, we know what to expect from the plaintiff. When prosecuting our client's plaintiff claim, we know what to expect from the defense. We know the ins and outs of civil litigation.

The final results of every civil case are just as unique as the clients who are being served. Generally, the legal system awards the prevailing plaintiff to a legal dispute money as compensation for the damages or injuries suffered. Sometimes a case warrants a public, written apology in addition to financial recovery. And, sometimes a successful defense warrants an award of attorney fees and costs to the prevailing defendant. Every case is different and every client has specific goals that the attorneys at Jones & Swartz's Landmark Legal Group strive to assist their clients to achieve.

Breach of Contract: Jones & Swartz successfully assisted a land owner enforce his $425,000 contract for the perpetual lease of a cellular phone tower site against the cellular phone tower company that was trying to avoid its contractual obligations under the lease agreeement.

Medical Negligence: Jones & Swartz negotiated a confidential settlement of a medical malpractice claim arising from the deterimental delay in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Jones & Swartz' client obtained a settlement amount that she felt was a fair compensation for her injuried, and she did so without having to file a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Insurance Defense: After four days of trial a twelve person jury only needed thirty-five minutes of deliberations in order to unanimously find in favor of Jones & Swartz' Defendant client. The Plaintiff had asked the jury to award over a million dollars in damages, claiming that our client's alleged negligence caused her traumatic brain injury. The jury disagreed with the Plaintiff, and instead found that Jones & Swartz' client was not negligent at all. Zero dollars were awarded to the Plaintiff.

Complex Commercial Litigation: Jones & Swartz successfully recovered over $300,000 cash, in addition to two parcels of real property for one of its clients that sought to enforce a promissory note in a complex case against thirty-seven defendants. The case required Jones & Swartz to enforce terms of commercial contracts and title insurance, promissory notes and personal guaranties, and real property foreclosure rights. The case also required Jones & Swartz to prosecute claims held by its client for insurance bad faith, breach of insurance contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and negligence.

Civil Rights Violation: A pre-suit settlement on behalf of plaintiffs against an Idaho city and its police department resulted in a six-figure payment to Jones & Swartz' clients. Plaintiffs' alleged that the City and its police department violated confidentiality policies and imposed a state-created danger upon the plaintiffs' lives and liberties.

Employment Retaliation: At the end of a four day trial, the jury awarded $70,000 in punitive damages against a Fruitland, Idaho employer to a female employee whom the business had fired in retaliation of the employee standing up to sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Personal Injury: Recovery of nearly a quarter-million dollars for injuries sustained by a tenant as a result of Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by the landlord's faulty furnace repair.

Civil Rights Violation: A six-figure settlement and a public written apology signed by all five defendants (all members of an Idaho county board of commissioners, the county planning and zoning administrator, and the county prosecutor) for violating the plaintiffs' property rights in a conditional use permit by cancelling the permit without due process of law.

Medical Malpractice: Medical Malpractice: Multimillion dollar confidential settlement against an Idaho hospital in a birth injury case. The plaintiff-parents are now financially able to provide their child with the medical care he will need throughout his life.

Personal Injury: Combined settlement for over $365,000 to plaintiff couple who were injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Constitutional Law: A $27 million settlement for the plaintiff class following the successful trial of a class action lawsuit in Idaho state court involving an unconstitutional tax statute.

Wrongful Death: A $2.5 million settlement for our clients in a wrongful death case in Idaho state court arising out of a trucking accident.

Breach of Contract: A declaratory judgment for our client in a contract case in Idaho state court saving our client $75 million.

Employment Discrimination: A six-figure settlement for the plaintiff in a sexual harassment case against her employer.

Breach of Contract: Summary judgment for our client defending against the plaintiff's attempt to enforce promissory notes claimed to be worth more than $2 million.

Personal Injury: A settlement for more than half a million dollars for the victim of an automobile collision.

Probate and Estate Litigation: Recovery of more than $1 million of Estate assets wrongfully withheld from estate beneficiaries.

Employment Discrimination: A favorable verdict for three plaintiffs in a sexual harassment and assault case with a half million dollar settlement in their favor on appeal.

Personal Injury: Million dollar-plus confidential settlement for a below the knee amputation resulting from a motorcycle accident.

Personal Injury: Over a half million dollar settlement for a cervical fracture injury resulting from a automobile accident.