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Kathy is seasoned paralegal with almost thirty years of experience. She specializes in civil litigation. She has extensive experience in medical malpractice, personal injury, contract and employment law. During her career, Kathy has assisted in over thirty-five jury and court trials.

Connie has presided over Jones & Swartz and its predecessor firm, Blackburn & Jones LLP, since 2004. If clients have questions regarding their billing statements or methods of payment she is the gal to speak with and always does her best to coordinate with clients in order to meet their needs. Prior to joining Blackburn & Jones, Connie had worked in the legal field for over 20 years in a variety of administrative and management positions, including: 2 years as the Secretarial Manager for more than 56 legal secretaries, and over 5 years as the Human Resources & Benefits Coordinator for over 200 employees of an international law firm in its Palo Alto, CA office.

Bruce is an AV-rated attorney in Boise who has retired from the practice of law. Bruce continues to be a great mentor. During his career, he litigated many cases in state and federal courts. Bruce's clients included individuals, small companies, and large international companies. Bruce is a true professional with the highest of integrity.

Eric is a peer-reviewed, AV-rated attorney and key member of the Jones & Swartz civil litigation team. He is involved in a full spectrum of complex cases ranging from serious personal injury, to anti-trust issues, to employment matters, to complex business litigation. Eric has successfully litigated a wide variety of cases for clients of the law firm, in Boise and beyond. Eric represents individuals and businesses of all sizes. Eric also offers business consulting, consultation in legal strategies, and contract preparation and implementation assistance.

Jenny has extensive experience and knowledge of litigation with an emphasis in family law, government and business law issues. She focuses her practice on guiding and counseling her clients through divorce, child custody, contracts and leases. She also handles cases involving alcohol beverages licensing and legislation.

Attorney Jennifer Swartz's estate planning practice focuses on providing peace of mind for her clients and their families as they plan for the future. Jennifer works closely with each of her clients to understand their priorities and unique needs. Whether you are an individual, or part of a family, Jennifer is ready to guide you in carefully crafting a plan that will protect and provide for the ones you love. In addition to estate planning, Jennifer also consults with and advises small business owners, and maintains a general civil litigation practice with an emphasis on education and employment law.

Our Clients' Reviews Say It All ...




 5.0/5.0 Review for Regan Charlton on 11/24/17 in Civil Litigation.

Regan is a confident, knowledgeable and strategic lawyer. She went to great lengths in my case and I knew she had my back! Regan is an excellent listener and is easy to work with. I also found that she was very thoughtful throughout my case and analyzed every situation with precision, leading to a very favorable outcome.

Posted by a Corporate/Large Company on 02/18/14
5.0 out of 5.0
The firm has handled several debt collections for us and we got results in a short period of time. Their professional and focused attention to resolving the issues with our customer provided excellent results.

 5.0/5.0 Review for Jones & Swartz PLLC on 12/18/17 in Construction Law.

I had a very helpful initial conversation with Eric Swartz. He provided good practical advice on steps to take to avoid legal problems. Thank you Eric!

Posted by a Private Individual on 11/27/13  
5.0 out of 5.0
The legal service that I received from Joy was exceptional. I would hands down in another legal situation ask for her representation. Most attorney's in the Boise area would not handle a case such as mine,but I was grateful to even have her hear my case,and even more so when she agreed to represent me.


Posted by a Consumer on 07/23/13
5.0 out of 5.0

Our experience with Jones & Swartz PLLC was outstanding. The vast legal knowledge that Mr. Eric Swartz displayed along with his patience, willingness to listen, and immediate grasp of our situation was exceptional. In addition, it was his sincere tenacity to thoroughly investigate every aspect of the issue at hand which led to a positive outcome. Delicate issues were professionally handled at every aspect of the case. I would highly recommend the strong team at Jones & Swartz to anyone.


Posted by a Consumer on 02/05/13

5.0 out of 5.0

Firstly, Eric Swartz helped us achieve a successful resolution to our real estate woes. Secondly, he did so by fully respecting our financial restraints by prudently engaging his time when he believed it was most helpful. Eric's professionalism and respect gave us the confidence and peace of mind to stay relatively balanced throughout our somewhat lengthy case. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking for efficient, fair and professional counsel


Posted by a Private Individual on 07/04/12  
5.0 out of 5.0

Eric Swartz of Swartz & Jones is a consummate professional whose diligence is complemented by friendliness and empathy. I honestly found Eric Swartz to be a man of integrity and honor who respected my views and desires. He consistently consulted with me during his research and investigations informing and educating me throughout the litigation process. Decisions were left to me. Therefore, Eric Swartz truly represents one’s best interests. Eric Swartz is readily accessible and responsive.

Posted by a Small Business on 06/11/12
5.0 out of 5.0 
I was referred to Jones and Swartz by my Estate Planning Attorney. Jones and Swartz were very responsive and caring of my situation. Eric Swartz worked with me on this and brought this case to a successful end with minimal expense. I am very pleased with their performance and will use them again.


Posted by a Small Business on 06/10/12  
5.0 out of 5.0
The specifics of my case were in some areas new or unknown to myself and to Eric. Eric was very capable and willing to undertake the needed research to handle this situation. The case took some unexpected turns and seemed totally hopeless. Through his attention to detail and encouraging me to be patient, my case came to a more than satisfactory conclusion. I will refer anyone in need to Eric Swartz.
Posted by a Private Individual on 03/08/12  
5.0 out of 5.0
Joy did a fantastic job with all aspects of my case. Everything was done in a timely manner and I have nothing but the highest regards for her service and would highly recommend her.
Posted by a Private Individual on 01/31/12 
5.0 out of 5.0
Eric was patient and explained my choices. He is very knowledgeable and I had complete trust in him to lead me through a difficult situation. I appreciated the time he spent with me and would recommend his services to anyone needing an attorney.


Posted by a Corporate/Large Company on 01/24/12  
5.0 out of 5.0

Eric is not only a great practitioner of his trade, he is also a good counselor and human being. He successfully defended my case and counseled me through the process. Sleepless nights etc. were alleviated by his confidence and overall personal assistance and responsiveness.
Posted by a Private Individual on 01/23/12 
5.0 out of 5.0
Astute, capable, accurate and reliable.


Posted by a Private Individual on 01/19/12  
5.0 out of 5.0
I felt Eric represented me in a most excellent fashion. I was completely convinced that he was a very capable attorney who did his best to help my case resolve in a positive direction for me. The outcome of my case WAS positive. I feel comfortable recommending Eric to my closest relatives and friends.

Posted by a Private Individual on 01/19/12  
5.0 out of 5.0

I talked frequently with Joy. She always treated me with courtesy; I never felt I was bothering her. She always addressed my questions and did very well explaining my legal position. I felt certain that she and Eric were doing their best to research other Idaho case law in order to strengthen my case.



Posted by a Private Individual on 01/17/12  
5.0 out of 5.0

Eric represented me in a wrongful termination settlement. He maximized my settlement, minimized the time it took to complete the process, and set my expectations about what would happen next throughout the process. I was very pleased with his professionalism and thorough understanding of the settlement process. I strongly recommend Eric to anyone who believes they have been wrongfully terminated. He is someone you can trust to deliver your best possible outcome.


Posted by a Private Individual on 01/16/12 
5.0 out of 5.0
Jones and Swartz represented me in a wrongful termination case and I was awarded a very fair and equitable settlement as a result of their representation. The whole process was explained to me clearly and expedited with amazing ease. Eric Swartz, my attorney, was outstanding in his knowledge of the process; his ability to explain my options to me; and ultimately, in me receiving a favorable judgment.
Posted by a Private Individual on 01/13/12 
5.0 out of 5.0
Eric and Joy worked very effectively when they represented me. I also felt that they treated me with courtesy and respect.



On "Have no legal fear":


Great person individually and professionally

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Regan. She is a patient listener, she has perfect analytical thinking, and I felt very confident with her representing me in front of the Judge. The result exceeded all my expectations. I always got a response to my e-mails and phone calls very fast. She is a great person individually and professionally. Regan is a gifted lawyer and I would highly recommend Regan, if you are looking for dependable legal help.

Knowledgable and Strategic

Regan is a confident, knowledgeable and strategic lawyer. She went to great lengths in my case and I knew she had my back! Regan is an excellent listener and is easy to work with. I also found that she was very thoughtful throughout my case and analyzed every situation with precision, leading to a very favorable outcome.

Good Guy

Ryan is honest, its hard to take but he will be upfront with you and tell you what he thinks he can and cant do. Of course its up to the judge but Ryan will do what he says he will do. I will call him again if i need another lawyer.

Great Attorney

Aggressive when necessary, good detective skills, listens to his clients and really seems to care. Invaluable for my divorce in family court, a criminal proceeding and other legal issues.

Overall rating: Excellent

Trustworthy: Excellent

Responsive: Excellent

Knowledgeable: Excellent

Kept me informed: Excellent

  • I recommend Eric Swartz.

  • I hired Eric 1-6 months ago.

  • Eric handled my Personal Injury matter.

  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

Eric is an amazing attorney who is knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and very honest. I would not hesitate to go back to him, or to recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks so much for your help Eric.

Overall rating: Excellent

Trustworthy: Excellent

Responsive: Excellent

Knowledgeable: Excellent

Kept me informed: Excellent

  • I recommend Eric Swartz.

  • I hired Eric 1-6 months ago.

  • Eric handled my Insurance matter.

  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

We were very pleased with Mr Swartz's quick response to our question, and once we contacted him directly he was extremely helpful. After spending an hour with us (for free) providing realistic expectations regarding our case we felt very confident that Mr Swartz was the attorney we needed. Extremely pleased with Mr Swartz and AVVO as well. A+++




On Google Local:

Overall Excellent.  Nov. 30, 2015.

I am very thankful to have been represented by Eric Swartz of Jones and Swartz. I sought legal counsel for settling a business deal that went south. Not only was Eric compassionate and informative but he was easy to get ahold of and promptly responsive. I trusted him throughout the difficult and emotional process. I really appreciate the time and effort Jones and Swartz put into my case and the outcome was what I needed to move forward with lessons learned. I would highly recommend using Jones and Swartz. They truly care about the best interest of their clients.

Overall Excellent

I would highly recommend Eric Swartz to anyone who is having issues settling a personal injury claim. Eric helped me get back what I had lost. He helped me regain the quality of life that I deserve after suffering a major injury with a long recovery. My case was settled in 10 months. Without Eric and his team this could have had a much different ending.

Quality Excellent
We were new in Boise and needed a real estate issue resolved and were lucky enough to find Eric. He handled our situation with extreme professionalism and knowledge. Anyone needing anything in the area of real-estate, he's your man.
Overall Excellent
For someone who had no experience with lawyers or what to expect, I count myself very fortunate indeed to have found Jones & Swartz. Mr. Swartz, throughout my entire case, showed integrity and an excellent work ethic, commitment, was kind and considerate, demonstrated exceptional communication skills, was professional and had an extensive knowledge base that was essential for success, and genuinely cared about me and the circumstances that surround my life at that time. He worked hard, was dedicated and included me at every level of my case to insure that I had the best care, understanding and service possible. It's my pleasure to recommend Jones and Swartz to any who are seeking legal assistance.


Overall Excellent

I was wrongly terminated from a local business and didn't know where to turn. Luckily I ended up being represented by Eric Swartz of Jones and Swartz. This was a first for me and Eric explained every step in the process with patience and clarity. From start to finish I never felt as if I were in anything but capable hands. The result was a very favorable settlement in my favor - something I would have never achieved on my own. I am very happy to recommend Eric Swartz to anyone seeking the advice, counsel, and representation of an excellent attorney.
Overall Excellent
Professional, knowledgeable and genuinely cared


On Yahoo Local:

Posted on 04/17/2015

My experience with Bruce Jones and Joy Vega was exceptional. They and their staff are very professional.


Posted on 02/05/2015

Eric Swartz represented me in a complex case that spanned several years. During my experience in working with Eric, I found him to be an exceptional attorney with incredible integrity and professionalism. It was a privilege working with him. He went above and beyond and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a “top notch” attorney to represent them.

Posted on 03/02/13

Eric Swartz is a most professional, courteous, and well informed lawyer. He was undersanding and very aware of my concerns and demonstrated great integrity. He truly counseled with my best interests in mind.

Posted on 07/04/12

Eric Swartz of Swartz & Jones is a consummate professional whose diligence is complemented by friendliness and empathy. I honestly found Eric Swartz to be a man of integrity and honor who respected my views and desires. He consistently consulted with me during his research and investigations informing and educating me throughout the litigation process. Decisions were left to me. Therefore, Eric Swartz truly represents one’s best interests. Eric Swartz is readily accessible and responsive even on weekends and evenings. Put simply, he was there for me, even as others discouraged or quit as another attorney had fearing he could not win my case. And, Eric Swartz has been there for me following his success in my lawsuit. Ours was a genuine multidimensional win-win attorney-client relationship. I believe the aforementioned attributes are distinguishing characteristics of Eric Swartz, and his staff.





Civil Litigation

The civil litigation attorneys at the Boise law offices of Jones & Swartz PLLC practice exclusively in the civil areas of law. As a civil litigation business in Idaho, our clients can count on us to t...


Civil Rights Litigation

Every person has inherent, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property. No person shall be denied or deprived of their life, liberty, or property, by any government agency, without due process o...


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What is a Consultation? Jones & Swartz PLLC is pleased to have one of its attorneys speak with you for a brief consultation regarding your potential legal matter. This consultation is an opportunity f...


Consumer and Market Place Protection Claims

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Contract Disputes

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Employment Consultation and Solution Services

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Employment Disputes

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Estate and Trust Litigation

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Family Law

Family Law Whether it is a divorce, custody matter, support matter, or Civil Protective Order, our Boise family law attorneys know the intricacies of litigation and will passionately advocate for your...


Insurance Disputes

No one likes paying for insurance, but we do it because (just like the commercials say) we want peace of mind knowing that if anything bad happens we will be covered. But, what happens when your insur...


Litigation Involving Governmental Entities

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Medical Negligence

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Partnership and LLC Disputes

Corporate structures, such as Limited Liability Companies (?LLCs?), Partnerships, for-profit or non-profit corporations, are an effective way for people and businesses to come together to create and r...


Personal Injury Litigation

DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS! Call Jones & Swartz at (208) 489-8989. Let our civil litigation attorneys assist you anywhere in Idaho, and you are certain to get more money for your pain, suffering and incon...


Product Liability

Products liability litigation typically involves a product user?s injury or death caused by a defective product. A product can be defective for a number of reasons, including: defects in design, defec...


Professional Negligence

In today's society, we hire professionals to do what they say that they are educated, trained, and licensed to do. And, when we hire professionals it is reasonable to expect that they will perform lik...


Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning

The ownership and use of real estate is more than just the American dream. Real estate ownership and use are constitutional rights of every United States citizen. Unless you agree to your rights of ow...


Regulatory & Taxation Matters

Summary on the litigation of Regulatory and Taxation Matters if forthcoming. Please check back in the near future.


Securities Litigation

Securities and investment fraud litigation focuses on finding out the truth about what, exactly, your money was invested into. Even with all of the market and investment regulations and reform that ha...


Why Landmark Legal Group?

Why Landmark Legal Group TM ? Jones & Swartz pllc ?s Landmark Legal Group TM strives to represent its clients ? whether individuals or companies ? in pursuit of landmark results in the law. Landmark d...
Jones and Swartz Litigation Firm Boise



Whether your company is involved in a simple breach of contract dispute, or multi-faceted complex commercial litigation, Jones & Swartz is fully equipt to handle any type of corporate litigation.  Each day we successfully serve various types of entities, from single-member LLCs to international corporations. 

We are also proud to provide legal services to hundreds of registered CLC Incorporated Legal Access Plan benefit members throughout the state of Idaho.

Representative Corporate Clients Include


Splitting Kings, LLC d/b/a Knitting Factory Concert House

Silverhawk Realty
Abbott Laboratories Idaho Power Co.
American Trucking Associations, Inc. John Deere Co.
Apex Mortgage, LLC Midwest Car Corporation - National Car Rental
Blaine County Recreation District Motor West, Inc.
Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG (BMA) Raytheon Co.
Deere & Co. Treasure Valley Transit, Inc
John Deere Insurance Co. Winnemucca Farms, Inc.
Idacorp, Inc  Idaho Motor Transport Assn.
Idaho Housing and Finance Assn.  Home Depot