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Kathy is seasoned paralegal with almost thirty years of experience. She specializes in civil litigation. She has extensive experience in medical malpractice, personal injury, contract and employment law. During her career, Kathy has assisted in over thirty-five jury and court trials.

Connie has presided over Jones & Swartz and its predecessor firm, Blackburn & Jones LLP, since 2004. If clients have questions regarding their billing statements or methods of payment she is the gal to speak with and always does her best to coordinate with clients in order to meet their needs. Prior to joining Blackburn & Jones, Connie had worked in the legal field for over 20 years in a variety of administrative and management positions, including: 2 years as the Secretarial Manager for more than 56 legal secretaries, and over 5 years as the Human Resources & Benefits Coordinator for over 200 employees of an international law firm in its Palo Alto, CA office.

Bruce is an AV-rated attorney in Boise who has retired from the practice of law. Bruce continues to be a great mentor. During his career, he litigated many cases in state and federal courts. Bruce's clients included individuals, small companies, and large international companies. Bruce is a true professional with the highest of integrity.

Eric is a peer-reviewed, AV-rated attorney and key member of the Jones & Swartz civil litigation team. He is involved in a full spectrum of complex cases ranging from serious personal injury, to anti-trust issues, to employment matters, to complex business litigation. Eric has successfully litigated a wide variety of cases for clients of the law firm, in Boise and beyond. Eric represents individuals and businesses of all sizes. Eric also offers business consulting, consultation in legal strategies, and contract preparation and implementation assistance.

Jenny has extensive experience and knowledge of litigation with an emphasis in family law, government and business law issues. She focuses her practice on guiding and counseling her clients through divorce, child custody, contracts and leases. She also handles cases involving alcohol beverages licensing and legislation.

Attorney Jennifer Swartz's estate planning practice focuses on providing peace of mind for her clients and their families as they plan for the future. Jennifer works closely with each of her clients to understand their priorities and unique needs. Whether you are an individual, or part of a family, Jennifer is ready to guide you in carefully crafting a plan that will protect and provide for the ones you love. In addition to estate planning, Jennifer also consults with and advises small business owners, and maintains a general civil litigation practice with an emphasis on education and employment law.