Product Liability

Products liability litigation typically involves a product user?s injury or death caused by a defective product. A product can be defective for a number of reasons, including: defects in design, defects in labeling, defects where a risk is known by the manufacturer but not warned of, or defects where a risk is known of by the manufacturer but is improperly warned of.

Both sellers and manufacturers of products can be held liable for defective products. Seller and manufacturer liability, however, can be lessened or eliminated if a product user was injured or killed because they misused the product or failed to follow product warnings and instructions. While manufacturers and sellers have a burden of not putting a defective product into commerce, a product user must still use the product as it was intended.

The civil litigation attorneys at Jones & Swartz PLLC have handled a number of products liability cases for people injured and killed by products. Jones & Swartz PLLC has also defended accused product manufacturers and sellers against claims of product liability. The cases that we have handled involved all types of products including: household goods and chemicals, hand and power tools and attachments, heavy equipment, vehicles, and just about everything in between. Our litigation attorneys have also handled cases where users of products were injured by defective products while on the job.

Jones & Swartz PLLC knows how to handle your products liability case. Whether you are being accused of selling or manufacturing a defective product, or you have been injured by a defective product, we can help. Do not delay. Call us today for a free consultation.

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