What is a Consultation?

Jones & Swartz PLLC is pleased to have one of its attorneys speak with you for a brief consultation regarding your potential legal matter.   This consultation is an opportunity for you to briefly describe the general nature of your potential legal matter, get a general understanding of how your potential legal matter might be handled procedurally, and to learn if your potential legal matter is something that Jones & Swartz PLLC can assist you with.

​What is said in the consultation is protected by the attorney-client privilege.  This privilege allows you, as a potential Jones & Swartz PLLC client, to be honest and open about your potential legal matter.   The more honest you are about your potential legal matter, the better idea we can give you about what the process will look like if you pursue the matter.

No legal advice will be, or can be, given in the consultation.  Potential legal matters are far too factually and legally unique to be able to give legal advice in the consultation.  And, because all legal matters are uniquely complex, any information we can give about your potential legal matter will be too general for you to rely upon as legal advice.  

​Legal advice can only be given after you retain Jones & Swartz PLLC. And, only after Jones & Swartz PLLC has reviewed your evidence and the law that may be applicable to your potential legal matter.   

​Whether you chose to retain Jones & Swartz PLLC, a different law firm, or chose to try to handle the matter yourself, you should not delay as the passage of time will negatively affect your rights. 

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