Injuries to Children


Jones & Swartz PLLC regularly handles cases involving injuries to kids.  We know that child injury cases are not like cases that involve injuries to adults. And, we know that child injury cases cannot be handled the same as other personal injury cases.  Whether the injuries are physical, emotional, or both, injuries to children can have long-lasting impacts. 

Child injury cases present special consideration when assessing how the injuries, healed or not, will impact the child in the future.  For example, a broken bone can impact growth plates.  Sexual abuse can result in emotional trauma that does not manifest itself until years later. 

Child injury cases also involve areas of law that are particular to children, and are guided by special procedures.  Jones & Swartz PLLC has successfully handled many child injury cases.  We know this area of the law and can assist you with your child’s injury. 

Jones & Swartz PLLC takes special precautions to ensure that the result of a case involving an injury to a child is in the best interest of the injured child.  We know how to assess the injured child’s interests and have a network of specialists who can evaluate and treat child injuries.  We also know when the time is right for making a claim – a claim made too early may not encompass a child’s true injuries if the injuries do not become known until later.  We also know how best to preserve any settlement or award made to an injured child.  We know how to protect any money intended for the injured child so that it is available at the right time and for the intended purpose of that money.            

Do not compromise on your child’s injury claim by hiring an inexperienced child-injury lawyer.  Take care to hire an experienced child-injury lawyer.  Contact Jones & Swartz PLLC for a free consultation.