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Friday, November 17, 2017

It used to be that unwanted touching was, well, unwanted.  But, apparently, that is not what we want any more.  Maybe we never wanted unwanted touching to be unwanted?   

Here we are – 2017 – with more laws on the books to prohibit, deter, and punish unwanted touching than ever before.  And, yet, we have a president that grabs women by their pussy and laughs about it.  Perhaps that’s okay, though, because apparently with presidential power comes the privilege of copping a feel while having your photo taken with women?   

Then, there’s the congressional privilege of grabbing women’s breasts while they sleep.  That privilege comes with a photo too! 

Of course, how can you blame your presidents and congressmen?  It’s really not their fault.  It's Hollywood’s fault.  Sure.  That’s where it all started.  And, having watched on-screen unwanted touching, it should be no surprise to learn that unwanted touching takes place off screen too. 

I mean they have to rehearse so when we pay for the big show, it is a good one, right?  They are just trying to please their audience, right?        

So maybe it’s our fault?  If so, though, and if it is so unwanted, why do we let be?  If it is our choice, can we change it? 

Why do we elect leaders to the highest and most influential positions in our country knowing they want unwanted touching?  Why do we keep them there?  Why do we defend them and laugh off their behavior? 

If we can’t change it, or don’t have the courage to change it, perhaps we should all just join them?  I mean who would mind grabbing a hunk of some dick and balls now and again?  That could really give new meaning to a presidential handshake. 

Think about it.  We could all rise to a position of power if we would just embrace how much we all really want unwanted touching.

Posted by eswartz at 11/18/2017 12:44:00 AM
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