Consumer and Marketplace

Both state and federal laws exist that are specifically designed to protect consumers in the market place. The laws protect purchasers of products and services against salesperson fraud and deception. They also protect businesses from unlawful competition. Among the laws available in Idaho are the Idaho Consumer Protection Act (“ICPA”) and the Federal Trade Commission Act (“FTCA”). Both the ICPA and the FTCA outlaw unfair methods of competition, and unfair and deceptive acts and practices.

The Boise litigation firm of Jones & Swartz handles all types of consumer protection claims and we do it for consumers injured by deception, as well as for businesses suffering losses because of another business’s unfair competitive conduct. If you or your business purchased products or services of any type, whether related to consumer goods, real estate, loans or loan modification, and you were lead to believe that you were getting something different than what you actually got, we can help. Also, if your business was damages because of another’s unlawful market practices, such as interfering with your customers or misrepresenting your services or products, we can help.


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