Estate and Trust Litigation


Losing a loved one is hard enough without having to deal with a trustee or personal representative who is not doing their job, who treats heirs of an estate or beneficiaries of a trust unfairly, or, worse, who is using their position of power for improper purposes. If you are an heir to an estate or beneficiary of a trust, and you are not getting what the trust or estate intends for you to have, our law firm can help. Trust beneficiaries and heirs in probate have the legal right to be heard. They have the legal right to know that the estate or trust, in which they have an interest, is being handled properly. They have a legal right to timely receive the money or property that was left for them.   

We have the experience and knowledge to help you make the personal representative or trustee do their jobs so that you get what your loved one intended for you to have upon their death.  We also have the experience and knowledge to help a trust beneficiary to get what was intended for them under a trust.

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