Insurance Disputes

No one likes paying for insurance, but we do it because (just like the commercials say) we want peace of mind knowing that if anything bad happens we will be covered. But, what happens when your insurance company tells you that your claim is being denied and you are on your own? What happens when your insurance company refuses to pay its part of your medical bills, or won’t fix your car after an accident? Get your peace of mind, back, by calling Jones & Swartz.

Whether it is home, auto, life, health, general liability, long-term medical disability, or some other type of insurance, if your insurance company is not treating you fairly, has denied your claim,  is not honoring your insurance contract, or is not investigating or making a quick decision on your insurance claim, give us a call. Jones & Swartz will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your insurance company is going to pay one way, or the other.

Idaho’s Insurance Trade Practices and Fraud Law, Idaho Code §§ 41-1301 et seq

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