Litigation involving Govt.

Government actions impact our daily lives. Whether the governmental body is a city council, county commissioners, or state and federal legislatures, the government is involved in just about everything.  It is involved in providing benefits and services to Idaho residents, regulating small businesses, evaluating impacts of large corporations, taxation and more.  Because the government is so widely involved, people and businesses are constantly affected by government action.  Sometimes the government’s action is illegal and the impact causes injury to Idaho’s residents and business.

Legal claims against governmental entities can involve a number of topics including:  unlawful taxation, seizure of property, denial or termination of permits, breach of contract, personal injury claims, or the deprivation of civil rights.   Claims against a governmental entity like the state, a city, a county, or any agency within these governmental bodies are subject to special procedures and limitations that lawsuits against non-government entities are not.  Failure to know of, and comply with, these special procedures and limitations can negatively impact a person’s or a business’s possible legal claim against the government.

The civil litigation firm of Jones & Swartz PLLC is knowledgeable about what our clients need to do to preserve and successfully prosecute a legal claim against the government.  We have successfully handled a number of claims against governmental agencies for individual clients, businesses, and trade groups.  Do not delay.  Contact Jones & Swartz PLL if";" today.

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