Civil Rights Litigation

Every person has inherent, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property.

No person shall be denied or deprived of their life, liberty, or property, by any government agency, without due process of law. Consequently, where a government agency or employee has been given power and authority to restrict or take away a citizen’s civil rights, and has misused that power, there are laws in place to further protect that person.   In Idaho, the due process safeguards meant to protect every person’s right to life, liberty, or property often include:

  1. A hearing, and notice of each subsequent hearing;
  2. An opportunity to attend each hearing, present evidence, and challenge evidence presented against you;
  3. Access to a record of the hearing;
  4. Written findings of fact and conclusions upon which the government’s decision is based; and
  5. A right to appeal the government’s decision.

If you have been victim to an abuse of authority by a government agency or employee, the civil litigation attorneys at Jones & Swartz are here to advise you and protect your civil rights. Do not allow the government to illegally diminish or destroy the rights afforded to you by virtue of your citizenship. Reclaim your civil rights today. Contact the lawyers at Jones & Swartz today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

Violations of civil rights may include:

  • Deprivation of property (real estate, professional licenses, conditional use permits, building variances, housing (HUD) certificates, etc.) without due process of law;
  • Unequal protection under the laws of Idaho or the United States;
  • Discrimination based on gender, disability, age, race, etc.;
  • Malicious prosecution of a person without probable cause and for the purpose of denying that person equal protection under the law;
  • Unreasonable government interference in practicing or pursuing a chosen profession;
  • Failure to provide adequate medical and mental health care, and security to an imprisoned individual; or
  • Failure of a government agency to properly train, supervise and control its employees to adequately fulfill their roles as government employees.

In some situations a fine line may exist between an appropriate exercise of authority and the abuse of power given to a government agency and its employees.  If you believe that your civil rights have been violated, do not delay. Contact the lawyers at Jones & Swartz today for a FREE CONSULTATION! Jones & Swartz has represented clients who have been victim to a variety of civil rights violations.   And, our Boise civil litigation attorneys want to help you protect your civil rights.


Idaho Human Rights Commission
Idaho Department of Labor
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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